I am about to embark on my next project; installing a ZCM
Standard Edition server to manage 100 desktops and laptops.
Can I get an idea of how much horsepower I am going to need
for the server?

I have 100 systems, all in one building. I will use an
already existing Oracle 10g database server so I don't need
to run that part on this server. I am planning on using
SLES 10 for the OS. I am planning on using ZCM to roll out
and manage about 6 applications, image the desktops on
occasion, keep personalities intact when users get a new or
re-imaged workstation, and that's about it.

My hope is that this server can share its home in a VMWare
container with the Groupwise server (also virtual) on a dual
cpu/quad core Sun server.

Is this reasonable? Do I need to dedicate a server for this
or can I share the Sun box?