Hello everyone,

I am experiencing some strange behaviour on a NW6/BM3.7 box.

When changing the filters through filtcfg, I can add, and remove, make
filters etc.

But after reinitializing the filters and going back into filtcfg
the filters are not like I set them up.

I had to do this over and over agian untill the filters finally

And sometimes after a while it seems the filters are not functioning.
link to the gwdomain closes (have exceptions fot MTA).

So I am not happy with this situation. Has anyone seen this before ?
tip/help is appreciated.

Me, myself, and I are thinking that the source of the problem is thatimanage is not installed, but now its working and before trying to fix
I would like to know if this could be the source.

Don't try to fix if it ain't broken.