I am running DNS and DHCP on a linux OES server. I have three vlans:
vlan 1:
vlan 2:
vlan 3:

The default setup created IN-ADDR-ARPA for vlan1 (subnet /24) and reverse DNS works for all machines on that vlan.

I set up in IN-ADDR.ARPA zone for the other two vlans naming them 172.16.10.IN-ADDR.ARPA and 172.16.12.IN-ADDR.ARPA so they look just like vlan 1. (I typed the numbers in backwards so they came up forwards)

Reverse DNS does not work for computers on vlan 2 or vlan 3

Is it because of the /23 subnets instead of the /24 that vlan 1 has?

What else can I try to get reverse DNS working on the other two vlans?