I'm trying to get some new software to work, called Comet Tracker that

works with Micro$oft MapPoint. It will show the position, using GPS,
people in the field.

The tech's at the software vendor said, "open up TCP port 8025". I'mnot quite sure how to translate that into one or more filters. E.g.,for pcAnywhere, I have 4 separate filters, one for traffic in each
direction and separate ports for making the initial connection and the

subsequent data back and forth.

So far, I have created a single new filter exception:

Source = PRIVATE
Destination = PUBLIC

Src Addr Type = Any
Dest Addr Type = Any

and created a new Packet Type called Comet Tracker as follows:

Protocol = TCP
Src Port = 8025
Dest Port= <All>

What might I be doing right, what I might I be doing wrong, and what
might I not be doing at all that I need to?

Thanks in advance from someone who does this about once a year whether
need to or not!