I have spent too much time already on this dumb, annoying problem:

After updating our system to 8.01 the majority of our users recd this message: "There is new software available, however, you cannot currently access the new software to update." The first part is fine, Not unusual or unexpected, the second part not so much. To give me some time to address the issue, I decided to not have the message appear upon login by editing the software.inf file, setting the bump number to 0 (zero). That, however, had absolutely no effect. We're all tcp/ip connections so I bounced a post office, assuming that the information for the SDD was read from the wphost.db upon loading. Again, no change. I moved the SDD to the public directory, thinking it could be some weird rights issue. No change. Disassociated all the post offices from the SDD, and removed all information regarding the SDD from C1. I gave it some time to propagate through the system, re-entered the SDD path info, restarted a post office and tried again. Without success.
So I can neither update (at least not have the user decide to upgrade), nor can I turn off the nagging about software being available.
If anyone has any suggestions, I'm ready to hear them, because I am currently out of ideas (it's late, I'll probably think of a few things overnight).

Thanks for reading / Eddy