Hello all,

I had this working at one time but now it is not. I can not terminal
into, thru my BM server. This is what I got.

NW5.1 sp5 BM 36 sp1

I have Static and Dynamic NAT turned on at the Public interface. I
have a DMZ set up with the network. My network is

I have a primary IP address of set to the EXTERNAL nic.
I also have a secondary IPADDRESS of bound to that same *dress.

In my filter rules, I have:
Packet Type: Terminal Serv

All Circuits

Destination: INETERNAL
All Circuits

I have this same rule applied Backwards to allow me to TSclient out to
other sites and it works fine. When I turn off filters, I can do it;
everthing works. When I turn them on, then it breaks. Did I forget

Tom Hafemann