This is a curious clue I'm investigating since 3 years.
Once, we've had a Netware 4 server and a "TSE" farm made of 2 AD servers and 5 TSE servers. With Netware/IPX et TSE/IP, everything was cool.
Then, we migrated from NetWare 4 to OES. The TSE farm did not change.
And with OES/IP and TSE/IP, something strange appeared : sometimes, the user login takes 3mn after entering login and password. Meanwhile, only a Red N is moving. And suddenly the login process continues.
I have found and applied many KB from MS and technotes from Novell, nothing works really : Kerberos on UDP, DNS, etc.
The last thing I just tried is to log NWGina. I have found this : in the log, I find a "Calling NWLoginUI". Sometimes, it passes in a few seconds, sometimes it takes 3 mn. As an exemple, I join a nwgina.log in wich you can see this.
The question is : why Calling NWLoginUI takes sometimes 3 mn ? What is this function ? How can I investigate further ?
Novell client is 4.91sp5 + patchs post sp5