I have a NBM3.7/SP1 on Netware 6.SP2. I am running HTTP proxy, DNS
proxy & ACL. I use clntrust for authentication. All workstations run

DWNTRUST and CLNTRUST in the login script. When I load ipflt the
workstations get the NBM screen in their browsers that they are not
logged in. If they try to get to a website after that initial "Not
logged in" screen they are able to browse the internet. I did
the "Time to wait for single sign on reply" to 10 seconds. If I
ipflt, there are no problems. I do have the filter exception that is
Craigs book for CLNTRUST:

Source: Private
Dest: Public
Protocol: TCP
Src port: 1024-65535
dest. port: 524
stfilt: enabled
dest IP: NBM37 server ip address

Thank you.