Hello, testing out SLES 10 SP2 on an old Dell PowerEdge server. At 8pm
every night this server just powers on by itself. After going through BIOS
settings I couldn't find a cause on the hardware itself.

Then I tried in SLES to disable NTP, set the SLES clock to 19:55, powered
down the machine, waited about 5 minutes, and BINGO! The machine started up
at 20:00 based on the SLES clock (even though the BIOS clock was well past

I can't swear to this, but I think this started happening about a week ago
when I wiped the system completely (all partitions) and re-installed SLES as
I hadn't allocated partition space properly.

In any case, does anybody know where I should check for whatever conceivable
setting may be causing this server to power on by itself at 8pm?

Thanks in advance