Hello all: I am having problems getting BM3.7sp1 setup with a new
filter I am testing. This filter (jspamfilter) replaces gwia (GW6sp2)

by monitoring port 25 and then forwards excepted mail to port 26. Now

before you ask, THIS DOES WORK with exceptions turned off. When I
them back on it fails.

So, the way I see it is that my existing stateful smtp filter I used with gwia should be OK since jspamfilter will simply replace it. The

problem I see is getting the port 26 packets to gwia. Both processes

live on the public IP of BM, so can't I just setup a filter with
and destination set to the public IP.

port 25 --->jspamfilter---26--->gwia----->mta----->GW

All help appreciated. Chris