What I want to do is to automatically delegate new appointments in my calendar in GW 8 (for Mac) to my G-mail by using rules in GW.

I have written different rules for appointments in GW 8 where "The rule execution is complete", i.e. the rule seems to be accepted when I run it. The problem occurs in the action part where the delegate action isn’t executed. If I look at the properties of an appointment it get the flags:
- Delivered…
- Opened…
- Accepted…

But the delegate flag is missing!

I can do the delegation with an appointment manually and that work nicely. I have also tested the rules in GW in a PC /Windows(XP) environment and there the rules work perfect. The appointment is automatically delegated to my gmail in the Windows environment.

One example of a rule that I have tested is:
- When event is ”Filed Item” Select folder (User name) Home\Calendar
- If conditions are ”Appointment”
- The actions are: Delegate To: (User name)@gmail.com

So, my question is why the same rule that works in Windows GW doesn’t work in GW 8 in Mac environment and how can I solve the problem?

Kind regards,