first of all: I am really impressed by NSM 2.5 so far, comes MUCH closer to a complete storage management tool than 1.21 and 2.0! Nevertheless, as it is with all software, there's still room for improvement... ;-) I'll post what and when I run into it, take it as bug reports or feature requests or just something to consider.

#1 Why is the "Delete after Vault" time period limited to a max value of 365 days? This is just too short for our overall backup/archive concept and I do not see any technical reason that justifies this limit. Please remove it and let me set e.g. 400 days as I could do with NSM 2.0!

#2 Storage Management in NSMAdmin: when browsing a cointainer with thouthands of user objects it takes ages to build the list. PLease add a filter option like iMan has it in the tree view, so I can choose e.g. to only get accounts matching "Peter*" listed. Really annoying, if I need to backfill a single account and it's name starts with an X...

#3 missing context menus in reports: Ggeat stuff e.g. the new anomaly reports. Now, what do I want to do with the accounts in the "Objects Not Cataloged" list? Exactly: right-click and choose "User Action - Manage". Why can't I????

There's more to come, Cheers, Lothar