1st. We've had some issues after updatering from 7.03hp2 -> 8.0.1
running in a cluster. Probably need some finetuning.

What's happend on occasion is abends on the POA due to cpu-hog,
this with dcafilter-pdf ( or whatever from .poa )

So, idea we had was to create a dedicated POA for this postoffice
to handle maintenance and stuff. But, while following the online
doc's, nothing seems to "happen".

We disablee messagehandling,etc, on the new/dedicated poa,
we disabled maintenance stuff on the main poa,

But, on the new poa, it states NO scheduled work's for
disk,etc,etc,checks and it just sits there having nothing to do.

Tried with a gwcheck from C1 with nothing happening.

2. This have become the more frustrating issue,
re-enabling maintenance, user-upkeep, etc on the main .poa
gwcheck stil doesnt kick-in.

I've restarted both .poa's with the existing NGWCHECK.DB renamed,
and restarted both .poa's with NGWCHECK.DB back again.. nothing...

checking in C1 for pending operations .. Nothing...