We are currently trying to setup User Aliases for people to login through one container that is being setup for a custom application. The application can only be configured for one container at the moment, which is why we are testing Aliases.

The problem we are having is the above container (OU) which has just been created seperately and has no Server objects apart from users and groups. When we create an Alias in it and the user then logs in through this container, we get the error below with ZCM:

'unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect'

So the user who use to be able to login to the zone, cannot anymore because of the new Alias. Yet the strange this is we can create an Alias in another container which has Server, LDAP objects etc and the Alias doesn't effect the user logging into the ZCM Zone. It is only for a OU container that is created seperately and has only users and groups.

Could someone tell me if I am missing something for the ZCM login to continue working with the new Alias in the seperate OU?

Kind regards,