trying to figure out how this is connected,

basic idea with one poa/server for dedicated QF/indexing makes sense,
and what to disable on the primary/standard POA is also

What about this idea ?

1. standard poa, running in a cluster, handels client/server
connections and message flow,

2. 2nd poa/other server, handles QFindexing and maintenance like

Possible ?

If that's possible, then it might even be possible/wise to move SOAP
connections to the 2nd POA due to the load it sometimes place on the

I've (tried) to follow the online doc's by setting up the 2nd POA
directly "on" the post-office.

In c1 like;

Tree - Context - GWPO/Central - POA ( original/1st poa)
Tree - Context - GWPO/Central - Maint-POA ( newl/2nd poa)