We're currently using ZENworks 2--I'll pause here for a bit and let the laughter die down: tum-te-tum-te-tum, tum-te-tum-te-tum, tum-te-tum-te-tum--but we're now looking into upgrading to ZEN 10.2. One thing I'm testing is having the ZEN 10 agent installed on workstations while we're still using ZEN 2; we'll then cut over some fine terrible day and lose ZEN 2. In the meanwhile, ZEN 2 will do its ZEN 2 stuff and the ZEN 10 agent will lay by the wayside slumbering.

However, a problem has arisen. After I install the ZEN 10 agent on a workstation running Windows XP, ZEN 2 no longer processes policies. To make matters worse, when I uninstall the ZEN 10 agent, policies still do not work under ZEN 2. So I'm looking into finding some info on exactly what the ZEN 10 agent does when it's installed on the workstation--especially registry stuff. Any sources you're aware of would be extremely helpful.

Even better would be any info on getting ZEN 2 and the ZEN 10 agent to play together happily until the cutover.

Thanks much.