"Carl Thomas" <cthomas@stlabre.org> wrote...
> Our networking environment is as follows:
> NW6 servers - serv as our firewall, DNS
> We have Bordermanager 3.7 installed
> Windows 2000 w/ Exchange Server 2000
> Problem: When we set our Win98/Windows XP systems to point to the

> Servers as their primary DNS servers, we are unable to connect to

> exchange server. When we ping the exchange server we get the public

> address and not the private IP address. The NAT translation is

> Exchange uses port 135 for the initial connection then uses ports

> for the email transport.
> Question: How do we make this work? How can we detemine what ports

> available on the novell server? How do we enable the range

> easily?

Unless you require a lot of public DNS entries having your ISP host
them makes things like this easier. Then all local entries are local
addresses since they don't need to serve queries from the internet.
You shouldn't need any NAT setup for local access even if your
Exchange server is in a DMZ off the BM server.

Here our ISP hosts our public DNS entries including an MX record.
Our local dns server is only used internally so returns local
network addresses (192.168.x.x in our case). So something
like mail.promaxis.com returns locally from our
own DNS server. For people on the internet it returns
say from our ISPs DNS server.

Brian Evans