Just to let people know (and get it written down somewhere), there is
a bug in the printer policies.

If you install more than 3 printers, the policy will fail after the
third printer.
On the next refresh, 3 more printers are installed before it happens

Novell support finally tracked this to a timeout value (not that we
haven't guessed that already, but anyway..)

It seems that there is a default timeout of 120 seconds for printer
policies, and a printer takes 25-30 seconds to install.

Until this has been adressed, you can spilt the printer policy
packages in packages of 3 printers (if you think that's viable with
tons of printers).

Otherwise you'll have to wait for a fix...

I don't know if this bug is limited to certain systems or combinations
of sunflares and magnetic ground resonance, but now you know...