Hi, we are having a very strange problem since joining our WinXP SP3 workstations into a Win2008 Srv AD Domain... I am hoping someone may possibly have some advice or suggestions ?.

Novell Client login works perfectly from the initial login screen....

However if we try and reauthenticate into Novell from the desktop (e.g. by right clicking on the red N in taskbar and then selecting "Novell Login") then immediately after the credentials have been entered the login window hangs and Windows becomes very unstable....

Some more background info...

1. We are using the latest Netware Client 4.91 SP5
2. The all our Domain User have Local Administrator access to workstations.
3. The problem occurs even with virtually no Group Policy settings applied.
4. The problem must occur immediately after authentication as the normal
errors appear for incorrect username & password.
5. The problem still occurs even if we unselect the option to run login script.
6. The problem disappears if we remove the workstation from the Domain.

The problem doesn't occur when ;
1. The logged in user is a Domain Admin.
2. If you manually detach Novell Connections first (using "Netware
Connections" option via the Red N on taskbar).

Thanks for any suggestions or info on how to fix this issue !.