I've defined different MSI/MSP- bundles in 10.2.1 (SLES11):
-Netware Client (NC)
-Adobe Acrobat Reader (AAR)
-Adobe Acorbat Reader Patch1 (AARP1)
-Adobe Acorbat Reader Patch2 (AARP2)

After deploying the zenagent I login as local administrator
and NC is installed.
Then the PC reboots. Up to the point everything is ok.

After next login the bundle AAR is installed but nothing more.
I have to logout and login then AARP1 is installed but nothing more.
I have to re-logout and re-login then AARP2 is installed.

There is no continuous installation of the bundles
after the installation of NC.

I've defined a special order for installation under "Requirements":
First installation of NC without any requirement.
AAR installs only, if bundle NC is installed.
AARP1 installs only, if bundle AAR is installed.
AARP2 installs only, if bundle ARRP1 is installed.

How can I obtain a continuous installation of all bundles
within one login?