Okey, now I starting to get really frustrated with ZENworks.
Why does Macros even exist as an option when it works like ****?

You cant use it as a variable to Identification > Package Information in the Administrators package path.

Neither can you use it (always) to MSI > Transforms to a variable here, when you determine where the MST is located. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails, and you recieve the error message 1624.

And if you dont update the actuall UNC-path at Administrators package path and you move around a msi+cab installation-package to different locations you recieve error 1603 (and if you look thru the logs you can see the errors 1316 and 1311)

I seriously getting pissed of with all those bugs that contains within ZENworks 7.

Whats the purpose with Macros if i may ask?