Ok,, having issues since 7.0.3 -> 8.0.1 in a 7 offices/1tree
GW system.

The issue,, which is minor actually, is that I simply can't get any
analyze/check,etc, works done through C1..
Nothing happens, no error, no nothing...

If I look in the GWPO directory, there is no ngwcheck.db ( since I
removed it before last restart ), there seems to be something
happening in the wscin/subdirs under gwpo since the date/time of that
folder is updated more or less exactly the same time I issue the task
from c1. But,, wscin is allways zero bytes in size inc subfolders...

Running gwcheck/standalone works and DO create a ngwcheck.db in the

Also, looking at the webconsole for this POA, I can now see the
scheduled maintenance jobs there, though still no ngwcheck.db.

Any ideas how/were to search for this issue ?

System is; NW65/sp8, patched and uptodate in a 2node cluster.
/NODCA added to .poa and system rebooted.