I am trying to force an english installation of the Novell 4.91SP5 client onto a native russian version of XP.
I have tried to use /l:english i.e.
c:\ztoolkit\novcli\setupnw.exe /acu /u:c:\ztoolkit\novcli\admin\acu.txt /l:english

but I still get the cyrillic (russki) interface?
I don't really want to have to remove the other languages from under NLS, as this install source is pretty fixed...

Any ideas why /l:english might not work?

Also, anyone got info on the NWLANGID.INI file that is mentioned sporadically, but apparently not documented?!? i.e. location, format, etc.
(I might be able to 'superimpose' that over the installation source, which is effectively copied onto the workstation...)

Many thanks