Hi all,

I'm going to finally bite-the-bullet and upgrade 3.8.5 to BM 3.9sp2 (I've been having odd abends/proxy locks/crashes since patching to NW65sp8 and BM3.8/sp5).

Reading the manual....it looks like the upgrade from 3.8.5 to BM 3.9sp2 is a very straight forward procedure.

Then.....I look at the forums....and see references to other fun stuff with minimum requirement failures, FILLATTR, .....

Is there a "how to" or a pre-upgrade checklist somewhere?
Is the issue with 9 SSL Authentication contexts fixed in 3.9sp2?
Should I be good to go with the 3.9 sp2 overlay install? (NBM39SP2.zip)

I read Mr. Johnson's page, and it seems like I should be OK.....but I thought it might be wise to ask...just in case.

Thanks for any pointers.

-Scott Owen