Hi All, total BES noobie here. I have just installed BES for Groupwise as we are rolling out about 35 Blackberry Tours (previously used Palm Treos). I have it working with my test Curve.

I have a few questions that I'm hoping some of you may be able to answer.

1) Is there a way I can force each device's Blackberry Messenger to populate with the PINs of the others in the group I'm rolling out?

2) How can I force a contact list of the other devices out to each Blackberry in order to keep each user from having to enter it manually?

3) I've noticed something strange with appointments...when I add an event in the future in Groupwise, the event reminder instantly shows up on my Blackberry with the option to snooze or clear. If I clear, it disappears and doesn't remind me again.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you guys can provide!