Well I figured i'd start a new thread as i've just got back from reregistering 60 machines that just decided to fall off the face of the earth with regard to ZCC.

What is going on here?

I haven't made any changes to policy in 2 months.
I'm on SLES10.2>> ZCM10.2.1 Client>>WinXPSP3 client32SP5 All windows updates since Friday of this week past. (10-01-2009)

We setup a new app in the ZCC and associated it to the group that these two labs were a member of... no machines got the app. Ok.. tell them to refresh from the ZCC... no go. Mind you, the whole time people can login and work.. I tell the students to all hit refresh.. poof! All of a sudden the zenworks policies come down, (which i havent touched in at least 2 months)... and they are logged off. Before this, i could not remote to them, couldn't remote view them ... lost contact with the agent.. It's like they were all turned off. But i know they were on.

Hey Shaun when is 10.2.2 coming out??