I had installed ZRS on one of my ZCM servers and then my boss decided
that the hardware could best be used for a different project. I followed
the uninstall instructions for ZRS and ZCM and everything uninstalled
without a problem. However, now that I have a new machine to install ZCM
and ZRS on it will not install and I get a message to check the log
files. unfortunately when I checked the logs there was no log file to
check. I looked at the server that houses my database and saw that there
were some BOE pieces still installed on the server. Should I manually
remove those pieces to get the ZRS install to go through successfully?

My ZCM environment:

Primary ZCM Servers: 6 all running SLES 10 SP 2 (one of the primary
servers is a VM, this server is the one I'm trying to install ZRS on)
Database Server: Windows Server 2003 with SQL 2005

Thanks for your help!!

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