I confess not to having taken Craig's advice but being a lazy man andjust experimenting. I believe two ports, at least, are required and
report that this filter seems to work:

Source Interface: PRIVATE
Dest Interface: PUBLIC

Packet Type: aol music as:
Protocol: TCP
Source Port: 1024-65535
Dest Port: 512-700 && go figure, eh?
ACK : Disabled
Stateful : Enabled

Source Addr: Any
Dest Addr: Any

The destination port range may get a little narrow but not much. I
think this is too broad - anyone care to agree or disagree? - and
call AOL tech support to see if there are two or more ports involved,possibly one to handshake the connection and the other for the data
stream. I can't see the trial-and-error approach with two filters!

I will report back with further findings as I get them.