Our College is sucessfully using ZENworks images to image our workstation.

We are now at the stage where we can image a workstation and apply "add-on images" as done in ConsoleOne through the "common" tab of an application.

When the workstation boots into the PXE (Linux) the base image / workstation image is applied, and then the "add-on image".

However.... The application (add-on image) is not available to the user when they logon, and on some occasions, the application is setup at first logon.

We would prefer the following:
1. Workstation Images master / default / base
2. Additional images / add-ons are applied
3. After the imaging but before a user logs onto the workstation for the first time, we would like all "add-on" images to be installed


Workstations are all Windows XP Pro
Server running ZENworks, etc, is a NetWare 6.5

Special Notes:

We have two types of working workstations, some with:
- one partition (OS & Apps) - all newly acquired workstations

- two partitions (the old Symantec Ghost days) - a boot partiton (1) and then the second partition is for Windows and apps etc.

I have noticed that on a system with two partitons part of the NALCACHE is on C: drive and the bulk on D: drive (1st & 2nd partitions).

However we have also tried to use add-on images on single partion workstations as well.

Anyone who would be able to give a hand would be great. We are new to using ZENworks to deploy images (we can get the base image part alright, it is just the add-ons, etc).

Cheers and thanks heaps!