So, I have been pondering the problem on how to get a workstation to
image if F12 has been pressed, WITHOUT changing anything in the ZCC.

So far, all I could come up with, was to use ZMAN to set all
workstations to get an image on next PXE.
But that has to be run quite often, and it stresses the server and

So - I need some way to get this functionality running without using
ZMAN or ZCC. The workstatio itself is useless, as it is not running at
PXE time, and it's the preboot code that asks the server (and in turn
the database) if this workstation should be imaged.

So I decided to think out of the box... could you make an SQL script,
that runs on the SQL server, that does exactly the same as the ZMAN
IAAIB command?

Does anybody know where in the tables this is set?
I assume they use inheritance, so maybe it would be somewhere in the
workstaion top folder associations?

Allan Clausen