Hey all,

My first post, so be nice :)

Anyways, I'm trying to get USB imaging to work w/ the latest hardware. Unfortunately, this one: Cool Solutions: ZENworks 7 SP1 Imaging on USB does not have the latest / needed drivers.

I'm sort of a noob, but thought I could just syslinux a usb key, copy down all the new stuff from ZEN7SP1_IR4 & only need to have the "vesamenu.c32" & "syslinux.cfg" files so the USB key can initiate. Well, everything looks like it's going great, but I keep getting the "Could not find the ZENworks Repository" screen (or "Could not find the ZENworks Installation Source")

I'm almost positive it has something to do w/ the initrd file or the linux file on the root of the usb key, I'm just not sure what to do w/ those two files to get it to work properly.

Is there something simple I'm missing?