We had a strange, yet good, thing happen to our ZCM environment some people might find useful.

We original migrated from Zen7 to ZCM 10.1, but are currently running 10.2.0 on 3 primary servers and 1 external Sybase server all on SLES 10 SP2 in a VMware 3.5.0 environment.

After months of frustrations I rebuilt all policies from scratch, but left old migrated bundles in ZCM simply as a point of reference. However no devices or users were using these bundles/apps anymore so I figured no harm done.

Yesterday afternoon I removed most of these old bundles and our CPU usage across all servers dropped from an average of 90% to about 5%! Since day one our database server (originally embedded) has always had very high CPU usage all the time, even during off hours.

Anyone have a detailed explanation of what happened? This is major!