I was cruising through remote manager on our new BM server and noticed a yellow light for Available directory entries. Upon further digging, I noticed that each of our three cache volumes ( 12gig each ) are: Capacity 94% free, Directory Entries 5% free.

We've followed the proxy tuning TID ( 3321740 ) in which states at section 2.6:

##--2.6. DOS Name Space Only

Each cache volume should only have the DOS name space loaded on it. The cache does not use other name spaces. Regardless of the actual name of the object being cached, it is stored under an 8.3 filename created using a hashing algorithm. Loading unnecessary name spaces wastes directory entries and other resources. Do NOT remove LONG namespace from the SYS: volume.

On NetWare 6.0 or 6.5, Removing LONG_NAME Support from a volume is not supported. If LONG_NAME Support removed from a volume then server may abend in various actions from NetWare Remote Manager or iManager like Inventory Report. Novell Core OS Engineering have confirmed this as per BUG# 173762 --##

I've checked the volumes and they do indeed have the long name space and we are indeed on NW 6.5.

1) everything proxy related seems to be working just fine. Do we have a "ticking bomb" that needs to be addressed.

2) If we need to head-off this issue, could any of you folks provide suggestions or point me in the right direction perhaps?

Thanks in advance!