I have a NetWare 6 Small Business server that has BorderManager 3.6
installed on it. The Internal IP address of the server is x.x.x.1 and

the external primary IP is y.y.y.1. I have Apache installed on a
secondary internal IP address which x.x.x.2. I have installed
NetStorage and GroupWise WebAccess on the secondary internal IP
address. I have static natted the internal address x.x.x.2 to the
public IP address y.y.y.2.

I have an internal DNS name of netstore.myco.com pointing to x.x.x.2 and an external DNS name of netstore.myco.com pointing to y.y.y.2.

I have created filter exceptions for the public interface to the
secondary IP address host on the private interface and a reverse one
well, but I can't contact the Web server from the outside. I can
access it fine going to the DNS name for the secondary IP address
(netstore.myco.com) from the intranet.

What am I doing wrong??

Any help would be appreciated.