I have a NW6 SP2 small business server that has Apache listening on a

secondary internal IP address - say x.x.x.2. The primary internal IP

address is x.x.x.1. I have BM 3.6 running on this server and it has secondary public IP addresses. The primary public IP address is
y.y.y.1 and I have static NAT'd a secondary public IP of y.y.y.2 to
internal IP of x.x.x.2. I have created HTTP filter exceptions for
incoming and outgoing packets from the y.y.y.2 public address to the x.x.x.2 internal address that Apache is listening on.

My problem is that I can't seem to connect to the Web Server from the

Internet when I goto the secondary public IP address of y.y.y.2. I
connect just fine when I am internal.

What am I missing?