Hi All,

I have a little problem and hoping for some assistance. I have a novell and AD environment. AD and Novell have and will always be seperate but I want to login to both from my workstation. This is once off type thing, only for my workstation.. no other users will need to do this.. I have an account in Novell and AD, both are the same name and same password ie user1 password.

I have configured the novell client and set the "Copy Netware Username to Windows" parameter to be on. I have added the workstation to AD. I have set the location profile properties - windows login information to the domain name.

However when I log into novell it doesn't attempt to make any connection to the domain/AD. I still need to authenticate manually to the domain resources to access the domain/AD.

Can anyone suggest what I am missing or have done wrong

Thanks in advance