This are my very first steps with CIFS, but I have to, as there is no "Novell Client
for Netware" for 64bit Win2003-R2. Propably I'm overlooking something basic...

Server GOENW07: NW6.5.8, eDir 8.3.10, NSS only.
CIFS Server Name: GOENW07-W
Using iManager, the Volume "TBMPSPDATA" is configured as CIFS share with the same
Workgroup Name does match the network's one.
SMB signature is "optional"

The Server doesn't have a replica of the unpartitioned NDS, it's in the same
Organisation as the user object to be used and the 3 servers holding the eDir

For Autodesk Product Stream Professional, a user "cideon" was created. It's sitting
in the same context as that server, the "ADMIN" user and other users I've also tried
without luck.

net use \\goenw07-w\tbmpspdata /user:admin cleartxtpwd --> this works fine.
net use \\goenw07-w\tbmpspdata /user:cideon cleartxtpwd --> this fails.

System error 1326 has occurred.

Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

So I turned on intruder lockout.
When I intentionally give a wrong password, intruder lockout *DOES* lock the account
after the 3rd try, so the user object and password seem to be checked correctly, and
the access is denied anyways due to some reason I cant see right now.
with the correct password, Window's message will tell "unknown user name or bad
password" infinitely, without a lockout happening. (so that's obviously a faulty
error message?)

That user has to have a file system trustee for the folder:

\\goenw07-w\tbmpspdata\data07\tbm\psp\ -RWCEMF-

All these actions didn't help either:

make "Cideon" a ...
... filesystem supervisor for that volume's root folder.
... eDir "S" object trustee for the Volume object.
... Server object.
... inheritalbe for the container holding Server and volume.

the very only user, that seems to be able to access that cifs share seems to be the
original "ADMIN" user, which was used to install that server.

Any suggestions, what I miss?

Regards, Rudi.