Okay I'm not 100% sure it's the POA, but here's the symptom:

GW 8.0.1 on OES2 SP1 Linux with NSS volumes.

Clients are 7.0.3 HP3 and 8.0.1 (doesn't matter which)

When we click on things like Sent Items, Trash, etc. the response time is not good. In fact, it gets progressively slower as the days pass.

I rebooted the server (had some SLES patches to do anyway). Didn't seem to help to be honest, so I don't THINK it's a memory leak issue.

But I figured I'd go into the web based thingy for the POA agent and I selected the QuickFinder and selected:

Update & Compress Indexes (I don't see the delete and regenerate option anymore, but not sure if it's a NetWare vs. Linux thing or a 7.x POA vs. a 8.x POA thing)

I left all four checkboxes for the options checked (we don't have DMS anyway)

Then I ran it.

It finished fairly quickly and immediately we all noticed it was fast again.

Now here's what's weird:

QuickFinder indexing IS enabled. It's scheduled to run every night at 20:00 (like what, 8:00 p.m.?)

And I've got the qflevel set to /9999 or whatever to be unlimited

I DO have DCA turned on

Any ideas why either the quickfinder doesn't seem to be working properly (again, just find it odd that my manually running it fixed the problem)