I'm soon going to embark on a Netware to Linux migration for the company I'm working with. Pretty basic Netware 6.5 tree with file shares, edir/ldap, iPrint, a few other things. I have taken couses 3089 and 3090 and read the OES2 SP1 install guide. I have a few quick questions for the experts:

1. When configuring the RAID using a modern HP server for example, should I be defining a seperate logical drive for the system partition regardless of the RAID level chosen? Assuming this is a file server and I will be using NSS volumes on it. I know based on reading I can configure EVMS to handle the system device and then add NSS partitions to the same logical drive. But I could also just carve up the Raid array into multiple logical drives. The truth is this question can be asked for a Windows or Netware system too. Personally I've usually just used a single logical device (unless it was larger than 2TB) and let the OS carve it up. What do people recommend? If making a logical drive for system what would you recommend assuming a modern server with a good amount of space?

2. On page 43 of the installing OES 2 SP1 Linux install guide they recommend sizes for the different partitions. For example 3GB for root, 4GB or more for var, etc. Could anyone make any more specific suggestions? Is what Novell has mentioned enough in practice? For example for years I've always used at least 10GB for a Netware SYS volume.

3. I guess this is maybe too basic a question but if I make X amount system and the rest for NSS and in the future want to add extra services am I going to run the risk of running out of room because of adding new stuff that won't work with NSS? Should I leave a certain amount of space free?

Thank you very much for your assistance.