I have a workstation that will not show the inventory when clicking the "more workstation information" button. It just shows the error message "inventory not present in configured inventory database." I have tried to uninstall the zenworks client, reinstall, force run a scan. The zenerror.log says scanned successfully but it still errors within Consoleone. All other workstations are working correctly.
I noticed in the OTHER tab on this workstation that if clicking the READ ONLY box, under REVISION it says 100 but others that work show in the 500's. Not sure if this may give any information but this is frustrating and I don't want to have to delete the entire database and start over if I don't have to over one workstation (there could possibly be more but I haven't found one yet).

I have deleted the workstation object and re-registered the system but still no luck.

Any help is greatly appreciated.