I have been using Zenworks since before it was called Zenworks. Over 10 years. I have used the Managewise piece in the WFW days with Netware 3, then Novell App Launcher, Zen 2 on IntraNetware 4.11, an now am on ZCM 10.2.1 on Windows.

My company has purchased a Microsoft EA with Core CALs, so basically we own SMS aka SCCM 2007. Where we once were a Novell shop, we are now a Microsoft shop and ZCM is the last piece from Novell we have. There is a strong move here to replace that with the SCCM component.

It was my understanding that pieces in ZCM which I use do not exist in the Microsoft product. For example, App Launcher is missing. I can not give users shortcuts which are elevated to admin in the way that ZCM can. There is no scheduler in their product, the ability to make registry changes requires a 3rd party tool like Macrovision's MSI tool. This makes apps more PC associated, and not user associated. Self healing is not an option in their product.

I evaluated their product 2 years ago, when SMS 2003 was out and SCCM was around the corner. I looked at SCCM then. I have been told by Microsoft that as of the current version of their product, all these issues have been resolved. I am a skeptic.

With regards to those functions I use, mentioned above, can anyone here verify they are still missing? Getting info from the Microsoft site is a bit hard. I can't imagine these issues have been truly resolved. I need some ammunition to defend the dollars we spend on ZCM... I'm not looking for a complete analysis., rather are these features I need still missing in SCCM?