Transferring this from the NAT forum becuase now that all the NAT
are resolved, I am having a filtering issue. (Thanks, CAT)

Here is the scenario: workstations on my local network are connecting
a remote Unix server. They run a terminal front end application. All
the filters are in place and this is working properly.

What is not working is printing to printers on my local network (the
jobs come from the remote Unix server).

I have 2 basic filters for this traffic.

Outbound filter

Packet Type: TCP src port <any> dest port <any>
Source int. <any>
Dest. int. Public
Dest. <host> Unix server's IP address
Source <Network> Local network subnetted to include only specific
workstations and printers

The inbound rule is the reverse of this.

Any ideas where I could be going wrong?

Steve D.