We have been working with a BM 3.7 server for about 6 months now.

We have VPN, and http Proxy working great on our BM server.

We have one problem left to correct.

Our network is laid out kind of like this:

Central Office - (Cisco 3600 Router 2 T1 lines to 2
Office 1 - using Cisco 1720 on T1 to Serial 0/1 on Cisco
Office 2 - using Accend Router on T1 to Serial 0/2 on Cisco

The 3600 at Central office used to forward traffic to a 1720 connected
our main T1 line to the internet provider.

We are going to use HTTP Proxy on the BM server and would like to have
3600 forward traffic to the BM server instead of the 1720.

All of the machines at Central Office can use the Proxy fine. The
other 2
offices cannot. If I set the machines at the other offices to use the

address of the BM server (for example:, it does not

Has anyone else had experience with a setup like this? What should I
for to get the other offices to work. Would making the 3600 forward traffic to the BM instead of the 1720 correct the problem? The BM
is setup so that the 1720 is it's default gateway. Or would the Cisco

router have to be told that the BM is the HTTP Proxy? I read
that Cisco uses some sort of web proxy protocol. Does BM support this

Where should I start?

I'm new to a setup like this, so any suggestions are welcome.