I am trying to connect a Polycom View Station (H.323) with a local
university. To connect I had to bind a secondary ip address to the
nic and nat that address to the Polycom View station address. With
filters loaded, I cannot connect. With the filters loaded, I cannot
connect. I have TCP and UDP ports 3230-3235 open both ways and I have
port 1720 open both ways and no ack filtering. The Polycom unit uses
1720 to start a call.

I am running Netware 6.0 SP2 and BM 3.7 SP1. I would like to view a
log of
the packets. I followed TID-10061723 and all I get in the console log
is the
console commands. The packets are being logged on the logger screen,
but I
want to be able to view an actual log file.

Any help would be great.


Charlie Yeager
Director of Technology
Netware 5.1 CNA
NICE Community Schools
Ishpeming, MI