Accessing OES2 linux server using WinScp, but I find the home directory using linux mean "/home/user1", I want users with WinScp access the server will use the NSS home directory.

5.6.6 SSH (Secure Shell)
You can give users SSH (Secure Shell) access to NSS volumes by Linux-enabling users and the SSH utility in Linux User Management. For information, see see the OES 2 SP1: Novell Linux User Management Technology Guide.

In addition, SSH requires that the POSIX permissions on home directories be set so that the Other field has no permissions. By default, NSS sets the POSIX permissions to 0777 and SSH is disabled in Linux User Managerment. If you use NSS volumes for home directories and you want users to have SSH access to them, you must modify the POSIX permissions on NSS volumes to 0770. You must also enable SSH with Linux User Management.

Add the following command in the /etc/opt/novell/nss/nssstart.cfg file to turn off all of the bits corresponding to the Other field:

The setting applies to all NSS volumes on the server. If the volume is shared in a cluster, make sure to add the command to the nssstart.cfg file on all nodes and to Linux-enable SSH on all nodes.

According to Novell documentation above show, the POSIX permissions on NSS volumes had been set to 0770.

However, user still use linux home directory. Does anyone know how to solve my question??

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