I'm having problem with Group Policies at ONE school (I have 59 other schools that are not having this problem).

Running ZDM7sp1_SR4 on Netware 6.5 sp7 and e-dir 8.8- "Student Group Policy" files are sitting on sys\public\gpolicy\student\ I edit the Group Policy in ConsoleOne and then apply to Student container on Event:UserLogin; NDS Rights are for the entire School OU.

Student user logs in, Policy does not apply on login. Open ConsoleOne to see if I missed configured something, and all settings I had previously set have disappeard- everything is unconfigured: Proxy settings and everything in Administrative Templates.

Run WMSched on workstation, see the Student_Group_Policy is associated, and when I "Run Now" it runs for about 2 secs then goes back to "Not" running.

WMgrpPolicy.log are exactly the same as the WMgrpPolicy.log a PC (at a different OU) that does have Group Policies applying. Line-by-line, they are identical.

I don't know what to do next.