Reposted as new thread at Shaun's suggestion (thanks, SP). Question: Can I get a jaas.conf file from somewhere?

Started out with 10.2 installation on SLES 10.2. Migration of apps, policies, associations from zen 6.5 went pretty smoothly, but user assigned apps were not showing up in zcm. Could browse edir users. Discovered jaas.conf file was missing. After tearing out of much hair, I reinstalled, but jaas file still missing. Now having to reconfigure, plus installed the agent on my work machine before migrating policies, so now trying to dig my way out of that.

I'm getting the message "[Unable to refresh the system settings from https://(server_ip)/zenworks-setting-lookup/ service.]" in zmd-messages when I refresh the client. 2645 does not appear to be listening, and I don't know how to get it to listen. It is registered as an exception in the firewall, and I've restarted all the zen services. Any ideas are VERY appreciated. Thanks.