Hi all: I continue my quest to determine why the latest
zfdagent.msi packages install and behave differently from
older versions. We run Zfd 7.0.1 ir4 on NW 6.5 sp8 servers.
My problem has to do with the post installation behavior of
later zfdagents. We use sysprep on our windows xp images.
Here is our post imaging work:

1. Sysprep runs post image. It sets three auto-logins.
Sets 1strun.vbs to run on next boot. Reboots.

2. 1strun.vbs starts and installs nwclient, iprint and
zfdagent. Sets 2ndrun.vbs to run on next boot. Reboots.

3. 2ndrun.vbs runs and sets 3rdrun.vbs for next reboot.
Does not log off. ZfdAgent (actually ziswin) should sense a
reimage event and apply image-safe data to workstation, then

4. 3rdrun.vbs runs adding workstation to domain and some
other housekeeping chores. Reboots

5. Workstation is ready for use.

It is step 3 where the zfdagent should come up and run
ziswin to reapply all image-safe data - at least that is how
it use to do it. However, the newer versions of zfdagent do
not follow this behavior but instead begin on the second
reboot but also starts on the subsequent reboots. What I am
forced to do is install a much older zfdagent of which I am
confident of it's behavior and at a later time upgrade to
the latest version.

I guess what I am looking for is a way to absolutely FORCE
ziswin to run to completion at step 3. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Chris.