I am looking for some information about how to properly migrate my existing server running Netware 6 SP3/SP4 to new one under Linux Oes2Sp1.

I am friendly with the migration process since I have already successfully practiced migration to Oes2Sp1 from Netware 6.5Sp7.

I found this documentation on the Novell Documentation WebSite where it is written to first upgrade my Netware server from 6 to 6.5Sp6 and then update to 6.5Sp7/8 before trying to migrate to Linux Oes2Sp1.

I would like to know if this is the only (and the right !?!) way to do so ? Or If someone has already experiment another one ?

In the same time I am confused because I can not find the Netware 6.5 Sp6 Cds in any place...

Do someone can help me on where to find the media ?

Also thank you in advance if someone can help me on the way to lead in order to successfully do this migration / with his trackback on this kind of migration.