When I look over what bundles have been downloaded daily, I see that my Microsoft patches have not come down since July (last one listed in my bundles listing is the MS-09-032). I didn't even get all the July bundles (should have thru -035), and nothing for August or September. Other bundles have been coming down regularly, just not these.

This morning I went thru my zmd-messages.log file and for the most part, there is no indication attempts are even being made to download any MS09-patch files since early July. I went all the way back into May and read forward in the log, and I could see up to a certain point the regular MS09 downloads, then nothing. After getting a feel for how the downloads work by reading the log, I decided to look at the .lst files. Interestingly, my .lst files for Windows x86 only show files up to MS09-026, nothing beyond that! So I *think* that could very well be the problem. How do I get refreshed on those .lst files so they contain the latest applications that need to be downloaded for Windows?

Anyone experience this before and know what may be the cause, or how to fix?

Thanks in advance,